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My first real step into Product Design was actually designing my own product. I had an idea much like secret santa groups all over Reddit and Facebook and created a candy-sharing app from scratch with an engineering friend of mine.



The web design was built to be fun and informative, using a 1-screen approach.


Hands down this was one of the most important applications I've ever worked on because I got to see the perspective of truly every role in a successful product. From the stakeholder, to the product manager, the designer, developer, marketer, social media manager, and every role in between I gained invaluable experience I bring to every project I work on now.





I of course wanted the UI of Qandypal to be fun and feel like a candy store. One thing I realized in my initial research is that many who wanted to be involved were adults, outside the military that wanted to get a taste of some things they had abroad. So it was important to keep the UI fun but also not childish.

COLORS I chose colors that were fun and a reminder of candy, but not too childish. 

FONTS The font was also fun sans-serif to help appeal to all audiences.


The branding for Soothe previously was dark and night-clubesque, I really felt they needed to get back to the basics and back to nature to really solidify their look. I chose only 3 colors to help establish them against competition, and kept the parts that were working, such as the logo.

LOGO I tried to keep things fun and clear: candy and location.



Overall, the user experience for Qandypal was simple: it's all about the community. My goal was to make sure the app itself disappeared, and your friends and pals were the main focus of each screen.

WIREFRAMES & USERFLOWS Keeping the community in focus, I kept screens full of photos and conversations.


Qandypal was a perfect opportunity to create some fun and engaging animations that would help enhance the user experience.

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