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Creative leadership from hands-on experience.

My career began with graphic, logo, and packaging design and has since grown to the design of the experience and style for mobile and web apps, and leading teams of passionate people who do the same. A love of art from an early age has really helped shape my career and was a guiding light from the very start; there was never a question for me what I wanted to do with my life. Now, I get the pleasure of making others’ concepts and ideas come to life on screen in ways they couldn’t imagine.


Starting years ago from my own simple idea to leading teams of multi-million dollar startups, I’ve helped guide teams to create amazing experiences. One of the most exciting parts about what I do is the very beginning when I get to start visualizing how everything is going to look and come together. Collaboration and constructive critisism is key to a stunning project and I believe in a whole-team approach to making a vision sing.


Facing the challenges of bringing the best possible visual designs to all kinds of products has been one of the most exciting parts of my career. With a start in graphic design, I developed a passion for fonts and layout and find myself bringing many of the fundamentals from those types of projects to even the most modern-themed app. Having such a varied background it’s helped me design for everyone on the team from visionairy to developer, saving time while creating something beautiful.


When it comes to apps the most important fact to keep in mind throughout the build is who the app is being built for: the users. Everything must center on this from the visual design to development. I strive to create intuitive experiences that anticipate what a user wants and guides them there easily. It’s also important to make sure the app is exciting to use, while looking at user interactions as a way to tell a user how to move through the application.


Before apps, I was designing and building for mobile in the form of websites. As an essential piece to any company’s branding package I started designing and coding websites very early on. Since then I’ve been designing and building websites that help sell an idea, get downloads, influence conversions, or just make something look great.

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