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I always enjoy bringing an idea from concept to launch, and Emmre was one I worked with the CEO to build out from literally a sketch he had, to the branding, to the first V1 launched application, as well as the website.



The web design was built to inform visitors what Emmre could provide, and feel like a modern tool that should have already been a part of your company culture.


Emmre was a very fun project getting to design out everything with the CEO every step of the way. We both learned a lot from each other and created a full app and branding package that felt completely modern and needed in the corporate world.





The goal of Emmre was to make it easy to communicate between an executive and their assistant. Nothing should get in the way of instant awareness, so the app was kept simple and focused on these conversations.

COLORS A palette that was universal for all, bold and noticeable, and varied helped keep the focus on the user.

FONTS Keeping calm under corporate pressure is always a good thing, and perfect for this logo.


Considering this app would be used by all kinds of people of various ages, races, genders, backgrounds, and aesthetics I wanted to create something as universal as possible. Using colors to help with this diverse group, I used the positive feeling and visual of a "complete" check to form a shape that works throughout all pieces.

LOGO While I wanted to make sure inclusion and relatability was a focus, the logo still needed to remain professional and attractive to those in a focused corporate setting.

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