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InsitePro provides the necessary risk assessment analytics to expand or solidify property underwriting, including those for underinsured perils. Everything about the UI needed to exist around the user experience, as this is very much a functional tool. I focused on fixing reported user issues and making the features much clearer.



When the team at Insitepro came to me, they made it very clear that their users loved the product overall but had a hard time finding and using features. From there I knew I needed to use the colors sparingly and put a focus on clear navigation and usability. I wanted the user interface to feel familiar while creating a unique experience.


I loved working with the engineers at Intermap (Insitepro) were wonderful to work with and were determined to make the user experience all about their users, which always makes my job easier. I got to apply a very simple, modern, and clean user interface that only served to enchance the experience while also creating a recognizable brand – everything I love about this career.



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