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It was a lot of fun working with Carsaver, being an idea that a few big names are trying to make successful it was a fun challenge to be create the best experiences in buying a car online.



One thing most have noticed is that I try to bring and keep excitement to the designs and experiences I create. For Carsaver, a lot was worked on and tested to see where the line is between the concern of cost and the excitement of buying a new car. My goal at all times was to keep a user focused on what they'd be driving, instead of buying.


Carsaver was a really fun project that was some of the most fast paced flows and tasks needed worked out. Working with buyers, stakeholders, and developers we got very polished work out very quickly.





One thing I also got to experience is the challenge of creating designs that still felt like Carsaver the company when they partnered with much larger names like Walmart, Carvana, and Nissan.

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