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Fun fact: every tooth I have is a sweet tooth. So the inspiration for this project came to me easily: I’d noticed on quite a few social media sites that candy enthusiasts were pairing up to exchange treats from their respective countries. I also noticed there wasn’t a way to easily facilitate this happen on a large scale, so with with necessity comes invention: Qandypal!

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Logo & Branding

I normally design in a more subdued manor, but Qandypal allowed me to create something really different. I really wanted a user to feel like they were in a candy store anytime they saw anything on screen.

Quicksand Regular

Quicksand Bold

Lato Regular

Brand Fonts

Things are kept simple and playful, utilizing only one font in two styles to try and solidify the connection between the font style and the app.





Brand Colors

I felt Qandypal needed a fun and exciting color scheme that evoked memories of traditional candy wrappers, but didn’t seem contrived or too childish. I chose colors that were youthful yet bold, for an aesthetic that would appeal to a wide audience.


This logo is an example of one that came together right in the beginning as a quick sketch for my hand-drawn mockups. I worked on some other concepts that were a bit more cerebral, but just kept coming back to this simple idea of combining the location icon and a piece of wrapped candy.

Custom Iconography

Getting to go back to my roots and create some of my own vector graphics were a huge highlight of this project for me.

UX, UI, & User Interaction

The user experience research for this app was fun because I got to talk to so many different types of people, from children and Millennials to tech enthusiasts to military veterans. Given the app’s broad audience, I was able to explore a variety of colors and shapes that would speak to every gender, age and personality. This design needed to be fun and unique, with intuitive functionality. It was thrilling to have children and members of the military alike say they liked the light blues and pinks. It’s so rewarding every time I see someone tap “Find Pal” and see their face light up as the elements start to move.

Interactions & Prototyping

This type of product really opens itself up to animations and fun interactions, so they’re prevelant throughout the app.

Website Design & Development

The site is kept as a single page, serving as a touchpoint to spark a user’s interest in downloading the app. I used all the same elements from the mobile application and included a variety of CSS3 animations to enhance the web experience.

Qandypal Conclusion

Once another idea pops in my head I’ll be sure to start immediately, as this was a blast to work on from literal start to finish. I got to see what it was truly like for so many clients and it really helped me approach these projects with a much more thorough understanding of what everyone involved is going through.

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