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Cumberland Farms is a regional chain of convenience stores based in Westborough, Massachusetts, operating primarily in New York, New England and Florida. They have an existing brand, and had an existing app that needed updated and brought to life. I couldn’t wait to get in here and bring the design up to a more modern experience.

The existing app clearly felt and functioned more as a way for the company to stay in touch with their customers. While this is great, there was no major benefit for a user. A reason for users to download and interact with the app daily needed to be the focus of the new experience and design.


Not User Focused


The new UI and Experience, along with marketing awareness in store and at pump caused 56% more and kept downloads.


Having the option and enticing photographs of Cumberland Farm's offerings increased not only membership in the food clubs, but an increase in the sales of sandwiches and coffee.


Daily active use increased not only in new downloads but also the users that had the previous version upgraded.

There really wasn't any incentive for a user to have the app downloaded. They could check reward points from purchases in store, and hear about new deals but outside of the app it didn't have any features.


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WIREFRAMES & USERFLOWS Many options were considered so a user wouldn't be tapping too much.



Our goal with the updated to Cumberland Farm’s app was to make everything much easier to use while bringing a larger focus and awareness to all the great perks and features their app included. We wanted to create something that functioned well and helped a user find info on their closest station but also build a fun and engaging experience.



The app needs to help users not only find their locations, but also aid in refilling their tanks and purchasing products quickly and seamlessly. After all, it's a convenient store, the app needs to make the visit that much more convenient.

App & Onsite


I really enjoyed working with such passionate people in this project. We all truly wanted to make something functional that was also fun, a tough ask when it comes to visiting a convenience store and gas station. The results really speak for themselves and I can't wait to see more meaningful improvements.

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The number one focus in the new app is to make it user-focused. Through testing we found what was most important to users, from finding out their Lifetime Savings, to their individual clubs, to making filling up faster it was all varied. 

My solution was to allow a user to organize each of these features on their home screen based on their own individual interests.



The experience of the app needed to be quick and clear, all around. Assuming someone might be using the app while on the road (hopefully safely pulled over) I wanted to make sure there was no distraction in the design and the possibilities as user has. Finding a location and getting directions, and filling up quickly and paying from your phone was all the highest priority. 



The previous version of the application was boring and dated; the new version would need to feel modern and user-focused. New animations and graphical elements were created to help bring a connection to a customer and the brand.

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