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This piece of software had to be perfect, because the entire idea for its existence is to help the perfecting of processes. Just like every pilot goes through a pre-flight checklist to make sure everything is ready, Rigor helps those on offshore oil rigs stay safe and precise.

Logo & Branding

Rigor needed to have a tight, clean, and precise look to it. I wanted a viewer to feel like they were getting something off their own checklist just by looking at it. It also needed to suggest speed and accuracy, so slants and hard lines were used throughout.

Montserrat Bold

Montserrat Regular

Montserrat Light

Brand Fonts

Bold, readible fonts were used to reinforce the feeling of safety and seriousness.




Brand Colors

Blues, grays, and a variety of bold colors help create familiarity with the product while allowing a user to focus on the job at hand.


Rigor’s logo is tight, clean and modern. Blues and hard lines help create trust in a new brand and the feeling overal is one of strength and precision.

Rigor Conclusion

The team at Rigor was one of the most dedicated and knowledgable I’ve ever worked with. The awareness of what a user needed and the willingness to listen and build for them was some the best I’ve ever seen. The product has helped on countless sites and I can’t wait to see how far it goes.

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