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Designing for yourself is very difficult and I found myself feeling a lot of the same ways with Oasis as I do when I rework my own branding. Does this really represent me? Is this what I want someone to feel when they see my logo? These were all questions also concerning Oasis’ founders – this company is a boutique multimedia agency working with other small agencies, so the branding really needed to fit perfectly. We needed a visitor to instantly understand what Oasis does and what the company stands for.

Logo & Branding

This is by far one of my favorite projects to date, I’ve loved the colors they’ve decided on and the direction we’ve been moving in. I’ve done a lot to make sure the colors and visuals all hint to Oasis does, in one form or another.

Montserrat Regular

Brand Fonts

I tried to use fonts that resembled the logo as much as possible, but were still light enough to keep from distracting from it.





Brand Colors

We tried to use colors that you would see on the lens of a camera, further reinforcing the multimedia message.


The logo came together after many rounds of concept ideation and collaborative edits. The client wanted to convey their business offers a creative oasis in an uninspired market, so I wanted the logo to appear to come from nothing, as a revelation. The individual letters all come together from floating pixels, hinting towards the service the business provides.

Website Design & Development

Their website is almost wrapped up and bears all the same colors and feelings that come with the previous branding. Once again there was a need for everything to look like it had been around for longer than it had, in order to create some trust in a brand new company.

Oasis Conclusion

Oasis is still very much a work in progress and one I look forward to seeing come all the way around. The team is very passionate and will really bring a lot to their area!

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