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iris is a great idea to help make travel easier for both you and an assigned TSA agent. The idea is to be able to record and monitor searches of your bags, all while making it easier to get your code to TSA and on your way.

Logo & Branding

iris needed something fast but exciting, so we chose a logo that was simple and told the story of the app right away, we also chose colors that can work for any demographic.

Open Sans Light

Open Sans Regular

Brand Fonts

Readible, familiar fonts were used to keep things simple and engaging.




Brand Colors

We wanted to use colors on top of the white that felt fun, free, and held the same color palate of a camera lens to help reinforce the concept of the app itself.


iris’ logo is kept simple and full of meaning. Outlines are used to allow a view to view into the luggage through the eye in the center.

UX, UI, & User Interaction

The goal with iris was simply to show off the ideas and features of this brand new app for the owners to take into their pitch meetings. We needed something that looked fantastic and worth investing in, while also looking like it already exists.

Interactions & Prototyping

Fun animations and interactions allow for a more personal experience.

iris Conclusion

One of my favorite aspects of my career is getting to bring another person’s vision to life, which is exactly what I got to do with iris. Hopefully I’ll get to work with them again once they’re huge!

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