• UI Design

Everyone knows what Google is, if you don’t, just Google it. I’ve had the pleasure of contracting with some of the most talented and insiring people in the world, collaborating on some of the most widely viewed products in tech to help turn user feedback into more intuitive and useful UI designs.

Google Drive

The team decided to put more emphasis on the New button, as it would carry more responsiblity from this redesign out. Icons were reduced in size slightly, and more space was given to user’s content areas as other features were added.


The ability to approve documents and other pieces of user content was a recent feature added to Google Drive, this was our solution for clearly outlining the process, who was involved, keeping track of dates and times, and notification.

Google Conclusion

The most rewarding experience in this business is creating products and experiences that enhance and enrich the lives of so many people on a daily basis. This happens every day at Google with a team of passionate people, it’s a new experience every time I walk through the door.

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