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Disclaimer: “Fashion App” isn’t the actual name of the app, but that doesn’t distract from the design. As with most every one of my clients, their idea is unique and we have to keep the name and some of the features hush-hush until full launch. That being said, this app is all about fashion…and finding the designer of your favorite items. I’d say think of [redacted] mixed with [redacted] but I’d probably get in some trouble. What you see here is the overall UX and UI, with some major features removed from the details.


This was another case of needing the theme and colors and branding, but a logo wasn’t necessary just yet. I chose a color palatte and style that was bold but still fit the subject, with a focus on a user’s photos.

Interactions & Prototyping

The interactions for this app prototype are meant to highlight how one would get through the app without having to walk them completely through.

Fashion App Conclusion

I’m really looking forward to seeing this one go live and see if it takes off. One of the most exciting parts of what I do is being able to watch these ideas start from nothing, and go all the way through to launch.

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