Cumberland Farms

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Cumberland Farms is a regional chain of convenience stores based in Westborough, Massachusetts, operating primarily in New York, New England and Florida. They have an existing brand, and had an existing app that needed updated and brought to life. I couldn’t wait to get in here and bring the design up to a more modern experience.

UX, UI, & User Interaction

Our goal with the updated to Cumberland Farm’s app was to make everything much easier to use while bringing a larger focus and awareness to all the great perks and features their app included. We wanted to create something that functioned well and helped a user find info on their closest station but also build a fun and engaging experience.

Interactions & Prototyping

Fun animations and interactions allow for a more personal experience.

Cumberland Farms Conclusion

I really enjoyed working with such passionate people in this project. We all truly wanted to make something functional that was also fun, a tough ask when it comes to just filling up gas but I think we did a great job.

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